Healthy Food

We provide a healthy 4 week menu, which changes seasonally. We work with parents when looking at new menu ideas and take guidance from the government and eat well plate. Our delicious and healthy meals are all cooked on site from the freshest ingredients we can find.

Mealtimes are also fun, where children learn social skills by eating together, sharing together, and helping each other. Our staff eat with the children to enable positive role modelling at mealtimes and to observe the children closely.

We grow lots of vegetables and a variety of herbs in Spring and Summer, enabling children to have the opportunity to watch seedlings grow into food they can pick and eat! They learn where food comes from and we encourage self-serving method for older children, teaching them to be mindful of waste.

We have grown lots of vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, chillies, courgettes, carrots, strawberries, dwarf beans, mint, thyme, bay, rosemary, basil and lots of bee friendly flowers too!

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