Little Stars Room (3 to 5 years)

Pre-School: Ratio 1:8

Across our first floor we have our Little Stars who are busy building and refining their skills preparing for ‘big school’. Pre-school have access to two large, bright rooms, a kitchen and a toilet area. Our eldest children are often in the cosy den area, reading to each other or just chilling out and chatting. The children are still very engaged in role play though lots of dress-up and the home corner. They are constructing on a grand scale, utilising a variety of resources on-hand, there is always an adventure to be had. Children at this stage are often interested in phonics which is developed through fun sound and letter activities.

We love a good find in a charity shop or market and use as many real items as possible providing enabling environments. The children experience the use of authentic objects like kitchen items, old telephones, type writers and plenty of wooden resources creating curiosity and wonder.  

Our Little Stars develop lots of independence through making choices like self-serving at lunch time, deciding where they want to go on the mini-bus or simply what resources to play with and the activities for the day.

Within pre-school we also have a large fish tank which the children help to care for, developing a sense of responsibility.

The children are now becoming experts in their use of the materials within the space and are incredibly resourceful both indoor and outdoor, utilising the natural environment to deepen their knowledge and understanding. Our Forest School sessions provide a fabulous opportunity for children to explore the outdoor environment, develop a connection with nature and to improve a whole range of skills from personal, social and emotional skills, to physical development and communication skills. It is an ideal way for children to learn in the early years and gives them an ideal preparation for school.

Our aim is to prepare our Little Stars by promoting ‘school readiness’ and by the time we get to the Graduation ceremony our Little Stars are ready to transition to big school.

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