Rainbow Room (2 to 3 years)

The Toddler Room – Ratio 1:4

Our Rainbow Room is for our energetic two to three-year-old toddlers who can choose to relax, explore, be creative or engage in messy play in any of the 3 different free-flow areas. Toddlers have direct access to the large, canopied garden and take advantage of walking over to the lovely Queen’s park, library, museum and the shops on a regular basis.

The main room consists of an exploration area, which is often set up with sensory and natural objects so they can be examined on the light box. The cosy corner with books, cushions and blankets provides an area for calm reading and relaxing. The home corner provides opportunities to role model cooking and making tea for each other. The children start to delight in their role-play skills in the home corner and use their imagination in abundance, becoming increasingly more interested in interaction with their peers. The second area is a lovely bright conservatory, where they can take part in messy activities and enjoy the sociable mealtimes with friends. The toddlers have a separate art and craft area, with an array of creative resources and a fantastic art easel for budding artists. Children in this room enjoy caring for our large African Snails, feeding, washing and learning about nature.

Routines are well established in the Rainbow room and the children are able to choose the resources which they are interested in, as there is continuous provision. Staff work closely with parents during potty training and prepare children for their move to pre-school.

As with all of the rooms, each day sees new age-appropriate activities provided for the children to engage in. Our Key worker system ensures that each child’s individual needs are understood and catered for, and each child’s Learning Journey is carefully documented online and shared with parents. Termly focus meetings and newsletters ensure parents are well informed about their child’s time at nursery.

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